The Ultimate Hair Remover


Fur Ninja - The Ultimate Pet Hair Remover

Just a few swipes of the brush scoops up pet fur without damaging the target surface.

Once the brush is full of fur, just dip it into the self-cleaning base a few times, and it will be ready to use. No need for scrubbing or rinsing with water.

Try it at your home for 7 days and if you do not like it, return it for your money back. No Questions Asked!

This worked amazing! I have curtains that are not machine wash friendly and vacuuming them wasn't an option without tangling them. It took only a few minutes to clear all of the hair off the curtains and all the hair went into the collection bin at the end of the brush case. Also works great for brushing microfiber couches free of debris other than hair too.

Akhil Rana

I don't know why but we've been using those lint remover adhesives to get off our dog's hair on our black couch. This is a game changer. No more wasting our money on lint removers (which never worked really well).

Shreya Vats

We have two Huskies that are in the midst of shedding (Indian climate does not suit Huskies' coat) and there is hair everywhere! This hair remover works well and what I really like about it, is the holder that takes the hair off of the remover. I have a similar hair remover but did not have an easy way to get the hair off so I could use it again. This works well for me and my dogs.

Aparna Chakraborty